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Filipino Combatives Global was formed to introduce to the world the unique Training that Grand Master Felix Cortes has experienced throughout the many years of his training. Of course the Ideas, Principles, and Training Methods have evolved since then, but the original concepts, and formulas are still a major component of Filipino Combatives Global.


Master Instructor and Founder of (FCG)
GM Felix Cortes

GM Felix Cortes started training in the Filipino Martial Arts with the Sayoc family In 1977. In 1991 after many years of training, dedication, and loyalty he was promoted to the rank of Tuhon (Master Instructor).

He was the first to receive this high honor in the Sayoc Fighting system. During that time he also trained in Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and Tae Kwon Do. Today GM Felix continues to develop his skills, and personal growth by keeping an open mind and a positive attitude in his training.

In 1991 GM Felix Cortes moved to Maryland to teach Tae Kwon Do at Kim's Karate under Master J. Kim, and in 1992 he founded The Arnis Tae Kwon Do Academy (ATA Karate) A Center dedicated to the growth, and development of FMA, TKD, and Self Protection.

For over 30 years GM Felix Cortes taught, promoted, and dedicated himself to carry on the high moral code and values he learned growing up in the Martial Arts. GM Felix was a member of The Force One National Karate Team competing in Musical Forms, Weapons, and Fighting in the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), and The National Black Belt League (NBL).

GM Felix Cortes received a World Championship Ring in 1994 for winning the WKA World Championships in Trinidad & Tobago, He also received a Bronze Medal at the 1994 NBL World Championships in Burbank, California. In 1995 he was Grand Champion in the Weapons division at The Jhoon Rhee Nationals in Washington DC, performing a live blade FMA form that he created. 

GM Felix Cortes was inducted into the Action Magazine Hall of Fame in April 2007 receiving The Man of the Year Award. He was also featured in Britain’s #1 Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine

In 2009 GM Felix Cortes introduced the world to “FC” Filipino Combatives (AKA) The Felix Cortes Method A system that he developed based on his training, and experiences through out the years. Focusing on a comprehensive curriculum based on practical application. The training is designed so students can experience his, or her individual progress at their own pace.

GM Felix Cortes Combined his love for the Filipino Martial Arts, along with his dedication to teaching to create a unique Curriculum. Giving students all over the world the opportunity to  learn and get physically fit in the convenience, and comfort of their own homes. Today GM Felix Cortes pursues his Quest for Excellence, by continuing to develop his skills and giving 100% in everything he does.


We invite you to become a member and explore the unique Principles and Training Methods that make Filipino Combatives Global stand out in the World of Martial Arts. Whether you're a beginner, or you have experience in the Martial Arts, you will benefit from the training provided.



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