LOYALTY,  HONOR, INTEGRITY, and PERSEVERANCE are the values that make Filipino Combatives Global Strong! When it comes to skill and intensity, students go through a Step by Step academic learning process. Exposure to the learning material in this manner gives the student the opportunity to develop themselves to the most mature levels of comprehension.

The Filipino Combatives Curriculum, and Ranking System is based on a Lakan/Black Belt Program. Due to the complexity and the vast amount of information in each level, care is taken in order to insure that you have a significant grasp of the material provided.  In our basic program there are 3 Levels of Instruction, and each level has three stages.

Testing is required in order to proceed through each stage and consecutive Levels. The progress of each individual may vary depending on the amount of time they dedicate to the  training. Everyone has to be approved in order to be eligible for Testing. The following guidelines are set to ensure each individual understands the material, are able to apply it, and convey it to others



  • Testing in the 1st Stage is to see how well you transition from move to move. 
  • Testing in the 2nd Stages, is to see how well you apply the techniques.
  • Testing in the 3rd Stage is to see how well you understand the Concepts and are able teach.


All members are evaluated by Tuhon Felix, or a Full Instructor before Testing. If you are a member online,  you are required to submit a video demonstrating the techniques in the particular stage you are testing for. Once we review the video you will receive an e-mail with any comments, suggestions, or recommendations. When you are approved we will notify you of your testing date. 

Testing can take place via Skype for the 1st Stage of any Level, and at any of our Certified Schools, Seminars, or Gatherings World Wide. These events will be posted here on the website. Testing can only be administered by Tuhon Felix Cortes, or a Certified Full Instructor. Once you have tested, and accomplished your Level then you will have full access to the next Level.

Please keep in mind that testing is just a formality to establish a ranking system. This is how we determine our Chain of Command, Protocols, and measure the progress of our members. Titles and Ranks are attained by Skill Level, Loyalty, and Contributions to the System. However let's not forget that through Hard Work and Dedication we can Exceed Our Standards and develop a Combatives Mindset.


We have an Instructor Program available for individuals with experience in the Filipino Martial Arts, or for individuals who have reached a high standard in other Martial Arts. For further information on becoming an Instructor, or Representative please contact Tuhon Felix Cortés at tuhonfc@aol.com.




All Members Must Have a Full Uniform for Classes, Testing, & Events

Level 1

Testing Fees includes FREE uniform for L1S2 & L1S3L1S1 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - White Logo
L1S2 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Yellow Logo
L1S3 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Green Logo

Level 2

Testing Fees includes FREE uniform for L2S1 - L2S2 - L2S3
L2S1 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Lt. Blue Logo
L2S2 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Dk. Blue Log
L3S3 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Purple Logo

Level 3

Testing Fees includes FREE uniform for L3S1 - L3S2 - L3S3
L3S1 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Lt. Brown Logo
L3S2 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Md. Brown Logo
L3S3 Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Drk. Brown Logo


Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Red Logo


Black T-Shirt/Sweatpants - Gold Logo


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