Official Instructor List

All Certified Instructors have to be evaluated and assessed yearly in order to maintain their Rank, and be eligible to test for their next level. Only the Certified Instructors listed below are recognized and Licensed to teach Filipino Combatives.  

Training in Filipino Combatives Global is much more than memorizing techniques, and drills. All Certified Instructors must know, and understand the (FCG) curriculum. We must have structure, and work together, to ensure the growth, and future of Filipino Combatives Global. 

As a Certified Instructor you must also continue to develop your mind, and body. You must understand the importance of Physical Fitness which is often overlooked, or under developed in some systems. The development of group dynamics, and situational awareness are skills that are also found in the highest levels of (FCG) Instructors.

Please note: Only Individuals that have completed the required amount of hours, and training are on the Official Instructor list.
If there is an error with your listing, please contact us at  and the listing will be corrected. Thank you for your continued support! 


Founder of Filipino Combatives Global
Tuhon Felix Cortés (Biography)







Official Instructor List:

Full Instructors

  • Guro Luke Holloway | Asia, Australia, UK | Level 1 | International Representative
    "Talim Kamay"
  • Guro Hernan "Rico" Cortés | Florida, USA | Level 1 | International Representative

Associate Instructors

  • Certified Associates will be posted (ASAP)



 Apprentice Instructors

  • Yannis Yannoulis | Piraeus, Greece | Level 3 | Representative
  • Juan Vicente Rondon | Caracas, Venezuela | Level 2 | Representative


Certified Trainers

  • Certified Trainers will be posted (ASAP)


Inactive Instructors

  • Full Instructor Level 10 | Talim Kamay | Guro Jose Peña | Long Beach, CA. |
  • Associate Instructor Level1| Nicholas Peña | Long Beach, CA. |
  • Apprentice Instructor Level1 | Alexander Pisarkin | Eketerinburg, Russia |


Official Instructor/Certified Trainer List (Updated Aug 7, 2014)


Instructors Biography


Full Instructor Level 1 (International Representative) "Talim Kamay"
Luke Holloway

10004019_654789751236540_1359766626_n-2-e1407442488342Luke Holloway is originally from Queensland, Australia and is now based in Japan. For the past decade Luke has spent most of his time traveling throughout South East Asia to focus on The Study of Silat, Kali, Kuntau, Kung Fu & Tai Chi. After Dedicating himself to a life time of Researching and Training his most recent qualifications in the Martial Arts are...

- FCG Full Instructor Level 1 (Talim Kamay) - Maryland, USA.
- 4th Dan Hakkoryu Jujutsu - Certified at the Honbu in Japan.
- 'Kru' Rank under Grand Master Toddy - in Bangkok, Thailand.
- 1st Dan Haidong Gumdo - Certified at the HDGD Headquarters in South Korea.

Having spent approximately 10 years working as a Professional security advisor, Doorman, Close Protection Operative, and dealing with high risk, and violent situations on a day to day basis he Developed (RCI) 'Raw Combat International'. A Method of Personal Security, Self Protection, Close Quarter Combatives and Urban Survival. He regularly provides Training to both Civil and Professional Groups in both Personal Security and Tactical Training.


  • Cert 3 Investigative Services
  • Cert 3 Security Operations
  • Cert 4 Occupational Health And Safety
  • Cert 4 Security & Risk Management
  • Cert 4 Government Security
  • Cert 4 (TAE) Training & Assessment

  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Riffle Instructor
  • NRA Shotgun Instructor
  • RCB Police Baton Instructor
  • DTTC Handcuffing Instructor
  • DTTC Concealed Carry Weapon Instructor
  • DTTC Tactical Firearms Instructor
  • CCT - CBC Tactical Driving Instructor (Brazil)

  • NCAS Certified Coach
  • Advanced First Aid & CPR
  • Diploma of Security & Risk Management

    You can see more of Luke Holloway at: &
    Also, check out Luke's videos, Introducing Martial Arts Masters and Systems throughout Asia at:


Full Instructor Level 1 (International Representative)
Guro Rico Cortes

Guro Rico Cortés is a native of Puerto Rico. He was raised in California, and now he resides in Florida. A former Pro Baseball player for the New York Yankees and the New York Mets in the minor league system for 6 years, then a 10 year career as a Pro Baseball Scout for the Chicago White Sox Baseball team.

Guro Rico played baseball, coached, manage and worked in Venzuela & Puerto Rico winter league and summer league professional baseball teams. Since 1998 He has being learning and teaching the bible from a Hebraic perspective and travels the world as one of the recognized top torah teachers in the Hebrew Roots movement.

As for his Martial Arts Training, he was a student of Tuhon Ray Dionaldo for the last 14 years, and was trusted with the FCS Tactical branch of FCS Kali. He held the rank of Lakan Guro in FCS Kali, and Senior Master Instructor for Swat Combat of A.T.O.L.A. He also trained in Aikido for 9 years and is a level C instructor in Kapap in Israel.

Guro Rico Cortes is a Certified Tactical Baton Instructor under Chief Instructor Jeff Moldovan of TLM fighting chance system (gun retention and gun disarms). Guro Rico has trained Police groups in Toa Baja and OSAJ San Juan Puerto Rico. Training the Mayaguez SORT Team (Swat) and the Naples Swat Team in 2002 also Training the Hellas Special Forces and regularly teaches soldiers of the IDF in Israel.

Guro Rico is a member of the Puerto Rico Jujitsu Hall of Fame being awarded the International Black Belt of the year 2001. Guro Rico was part of the original performers in the group the Art of War in New York with Tuhon Ray Dionaldo in 2001. He now trains directly under Master Instructor Tuhon Felix Cortes.


Apprentice Instructor Level 1
Baguhan Guro Yannis Yannoulis

Yannis Yannoulis, was born in Piraeus, Greece where he still resides with his wife Tricia. He began his Martial Arts Training at the age of 9 in the Discipline of Tamo Shaolin Hungar Kung Fu. Since then he has trained in Wing Chun, Kendo, Tae Kwon Do, and participated in Jet Kun Do, Ninjutsu, Kenpo, Karate, Aikido, and Valetudo Seminars.

He began his Military Training on March 16, 1991 in the 1st Parachute Unit in Crete, and completed his service June 20, 1992. This is where he was exposed to his first knife training lessons which motivated him to search for Combatives Martial Arts Training.

He took part in any Martial Arts weapons oriented seminar while practicing in Archery, Fencing & Boxing. At the age of 26 he became a Certified Instructor in Tae Kwon Do in Piraeus, Greece where he taught for 3 years.

His first exposure to Filipino Martial Arts was in 2002, where he attended a FCS Seminar in Athens, Greece with Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. Soon after he realized that he had to pursue the Filipino Martial Arts further.

He continued to train in Fencing, and became a member of the Panathinaikos Team where he competed in Sabre. In 2009 he had the opportunity to meet Tuhon Felix Cortes, at the FCS Kali Gathering in Athens, Greece and that is when he realized that FCG is what he wants to do.

He was so impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of Filipino Combatives that he understood fully that FCG was the system he was looking for. He then became a registered member on the Online Training Program and began taking lessons via the internet. 

After becoming familiar with the curriculum he traveled to the USA in 2010 to participate in the Apprentice Instructor Certification Program. He is now a Level 1 Certified Apprentice Instructor & The FCG Representative of Greece.

He still represents the Panathinaikos Fencing Team where he has changed from Sabre to Epee Sword. He also participated in Archery representing the team of Atlas in Glyfada for 2 years, and he practices Boxing in Panagiotis Kataliakos with the Corpus Boxing club in Petroupoli.

Currently he is employed at an English Law firm in Piraeus, Greece where he puts to use his education in Accounting, and Printing.


Apprentice Instructor Level 2
Baguhan Guro Juan Vicente Rondón Arcia


Juan Rondón was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. As a child he always showed a great interest in the Martial Arts, and as a young man he started training in Shito Ryu Karate under Sensei Edgardo Karam, and Sensei Carlos Sipala who were the representatives of the Venezuelan National Karate Team, and also Represented their Country at International Competitions.

Juan's Interest in the Filipino Martial Arts began in 2010. He started training with the Omega Kali Group under the Tutelage of Master Francisco Delgado, which prove to be a great experience.

He dedicated his time and efforts to train and become proficient in the group. His training quickly became a passion that drove him to a quest for excellence.

Juan's training in Omega Kali lead him to Tuhon Felix Cortes, and the FCG organization. In November 2011 Juan became a key figure in helping Master Francisco, and the Omega Kali Group to organize, and promote the first Filipino Combatives Global Seminar in Caracas, Venezuela. The seminar was a success, and Juan wanted to continue his training in FCG, so he became an Online Member.

In April 2012 Juan Rondon, along with 4 other candidates participated in the first South American FCG Apprentice Instructor Certification and Intensive Training Program. This was a 4 week course, training 6 hours per day in various locations in Venezuela. The training was intense and Juan acquired a deeper understanding, and greater love for the Filipino Martial Arts. Juan was successful in the training and received the rank of Level 1 Apprentice Instructor (Baguhan Guro).

In January 2013 Juan accepted the responsibilities of becoming the Representative, and promoter of FCG (Venezuela). When Juan is not training , or teaching he is putting his degree in Systems Engineering to work as the Executive Director of a Systems Consulting firm, and a collaborator in a Spiritual Organization with the objective to contribute to the rise of conscious awakening in the world.


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