The following Terms and Conditions contain important information regarding the
FCG Full Annual Membership Program. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
These Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you, FCG, its Host, Promoter, Instructor, and or Representative and will govern your participation in The FCG Seminars,
Training Camps, and Greek Gathering




  1. To be eligible for the 25% Discount you must have a Full Annual Membership, or upgrade to a Full Annual Membership.
  2. Your account must be current and in good standing with no unpaid balances due at the time you register, and at the time you attend the event.
  3. You may attend unlimited events for every calendar year that you are a Full Annual Member. 
  4. Re-accruing Full Annual Members will automatically be eligible for the 25% Discount Offer.
  5. Certain locations have limited space, so availability is determined on a first come first served basis. FCG does not assume responsibility for events that are fully booked, or canceled.
  6. Cancellation or Downgrade of your Full Annual Membership will immediately terminate your availability of the 25% Discount Offer.
  7. Event fees may vary, and are at the discretion of the Host, Promoter, Instructor, or Representative of the event.
  8. This offer is only redeemable at FCG Seminars, West Coast Training Camps, Greece Gatherings, and it may not be combined with any other offers.
  9. FCG reserves the right to change, or modify any aspect of the Full Annual Membership Program, Discount Offer, and/or the Terms and Conditions at any time.
  10.  If FCG suspects a breach of the Terms and Conditions, or intent of abuse of these Terms and Conditions. It will result in the termination or suspension of the members participation in the program, and any monies paid will be Non-Refundable. This shall be final and binding in all respects.


It is important to check the Terms and Conditions periodically.
Participation of any event above and Redemption of 25% Discount Offer
is considered acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any modified
terms included therein


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